Social Bonus for vulnerable consumers

The Social allowance is a Government regulated mechanism that seeks to protect vulnerable consumers who have fewer economic means.

Recently there have been changes regarding who can qualify for the Social allowance. The Royal Decree 897/2017 [PDF], which entered into force on 8 October 2017, includes the new criteria regarding beneficiaries of the Social allowance. These criteria have been modified in Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 [PDF], of 5th October.

On 8/10/2018, the deadline ended for old Social allowance beneficiaries to prove their status as vulnerable consumers. Anyway, if you complete your application to renew the social allowance before 31/12/2018, the social allowance will be applied with effect from 8/10/2018.

The new Social allowance establishes three categories of vulnerable customers, which will have different discounts on the price of the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (PVPC, in the Spanish acronym).

A summary of the social allowance can be downloaded here: Social allowance Summary

Click here to access the Social Bonus online form.