Curenergia helps you to reduce your consumption

Small gestures that help you save energy at home

Follow our tips for a more efficient home

A laundry wash at 30ºC instead of 60ºC uses half the energy

Use the moderate temperature programmes of your washing machine.

Standby modes account for up to 10% of the total consumption of a home

Avoid the standby mode of your electronic devices by unplugging them completely when you are not using them.

If you keep the temperature in your house at 19°C instead of 22°C, you can save more than 15% of your heating consumption

Going up one degree means consuming between 7 and 11% more energy.

It is very important to choose a temperature for each room

Each zone of our home needs a different heating temperature and it is important to adjust it so as not to consume more than necessary.

Your consumption increases by 5% for every degree of cold in the fridge

Adjust the temperature of your refrigerator to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

You can air a house in just 10 minutes

This reduces the indoor humidity level and improves heating efficiency.