The legislative developments affecting the electricity sector in 2009 changed the procedure for representation and premium payments, incentives and supplements to electricity generation facilities under the special arrangement, which is now referred to as Electricity production from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste.

In application thereof, as of November 2009 Curenergía Comercializador de Último Recurso, S.A.U. is the representative before the CNMC and the market and system operators (respectively OMEL & REE) for all facilities that have not expressed their wish to be represented by another agent.

As part of our commitment at Curenergía Comercializador de Último Recurso, S.A.U. (hereinafter referred to as CURENERGÍA) to improving customer service, we have set up different communication channels for you through which a team of specialised managers will address all your queries and requests for clarifications and additional information.