Cookies policy

What are cookies?

At we use cookies, which are devices that store and recover information when you are browsing and can be used for multiple purposes, such as, for instance, recognising you as a user and knowing your preferences based on your profile produced from your browsing habits.

The specific uses for which CURENERGIA utilises cookies, as well as other external editors, are described below.

What types of cookies does this website use?

The webpage uses first and third party cookies:

  • FIRST PARTY COOKIES: these are sent to your device (computer) from CURENERGIA , along with the service you have requested.
  • THIRD PARTY COOKIES: these are sent to your device (computer) by an entity other than CURENERGIA which processes the data obtained from you via cookies.

Cookies can in turn be classified by type, depending on their purpose (categories). We will proceed to group the various types of cookies we work with in each category.

Below we have listed the first and third party cookies that we use on our website together with a brief description, the length of time that they remain on your device, and an indication of the sender of the cookie when it originates from a third party other than CURENERGIA.

If you wish to know more about the third parties' privacy policies you can access them by following the link provided in the following table. You can configure or delete their cookies from your browser if they are not blocked by our own

  • Technical cookies:

Technical or necessary cookies are essential for our website to work correctly and include basic functions such as identifying the session and allowing access for registered users to restricted areas. For this reason technical cookies cannot be deactivated.

Name of the cookie Description Origin Duration
JSESSIONID This cookie is used to keep the user's session anonymous to the server Own For the duration of the session
NSC_wt_mc_mbssvoY-10359 / NSC_wt_mc_mbssvoY-10360/ NSC_wt_mc_mbssvoY-10361/ NSC_wt_mc_mbssvoY-10375 The cookie is used to ensure that traffic and user data are directed to the correct places where a site is hosted on multiple servers, so that the end user has a consistent experience. Own For the duration of the session
NS_02sica They help the flow of traffic on the website by increasing the capacity of the servers. Own For the duration of the session
__cfduid Cookie used for computer security purposes. Third party: One Trust 6 months
OptanonConsent Cookie used by OneTrust to collect and maintain traceability of the consent given by the user. Own One year
OptanonAlertBoxClosed Cookie used by OneTrust to maintain a record when the user closes the cookie notice. Own One year
NS_autcomer They help the flow of traffic on the website by increasing the capacity of the servers. Own For the duration of the session
_cats Web services performance and log management tool. Own One year
_catstemp Web services performance and log management tool. Own A few seconds
  • Statistical Cookies:

We use statistical cookies to see how you interact with the webpage, by compiling anonymous information while you are browsing on it. The purpose of collecting this information is to make improvements to the website based on analysis of the aggregated data.

Name of the cookie Description Origin Duration
_ga An anonymous identifier to distinguish anonymous users and perform analysis on user interactions in the application in order to optimise the services offered. It lasts for two years. Third party. Google 2 years
_hjid This cookie is set when the User first lands on a page with the Hotjar script. It is used to keep the user's identification random and exclusive to that site on the browser. This guarantees that the behaviour on subsequent visits to the same site will be attributed to the same user. Third party: hotjar One year
_gid It is used to identify the same user during a single day. Third party. Google One day
_gat_UA-39987037-26 This is a cookie set by Google Analytics, which contains the unique identity number of the account or website to which it refers. It appears to be a variation of the _gat cookie that is used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on high-traffic websites. Third party. Google A few seconds
_gcl The cookie that Google adds to a user's computer when they view or click on an ad. The purpose is to obtain statistics. Third party. Google 3 months
_hjTLDTest It is used so that cookies can be shared between subdomains. After a check, the cookie is deleted. Third party: hotjar For the duration of the session
_hjIncludedInSample This cookie is associated with HotJar's web analytics functionality and services. It uniquely identifies a visitor during a single browsing session and indicates that they are included in a sample. Third party: hotjar For the duration of the session
_hjCachedUserAttributes This cookie stores user attributes that are sent through Hotjar. These attributes will only be saved if the user interacts with the Hotjar Feedback tool. Third party: hotjar A few seconds
  • Cookies de Marketing:

Marketing or advertising cookies are used to analyse your activity while visiting the webpage and can offer you personalised and relevant advertising according to your profile.

Name of the cookie Description Origin Duration
fr It helps Facebook to display personalised advertisements through browser recognition and a unique ID. Third party facebook 3 months
anj The anj cookie contains data that allows us to know if the identification of the cookie is synchronised with our partners. Third party Google 3 months
TDID This cookie carries information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising the end user may have seen before visiting the website. Third party Google One year
NID Most Google users have a preference cookie called "NID" enabled in their browser. A browser sends this cookie through requests to Google's websites. The NID cookie contains a unique ID that Google uses to remember your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language (for example, Spanish), the number of search results you want to be shown per page (for example, 10 or 20), and whether you want Google's SafeSearch filter to be on or off. Third party Google 6 months
IDE These are advertising cookies; they are used to improve advertisements. They are often used to target advertising based on content that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reports, and prevent ads that the user has already seen from being displayed Third party Google One year
uuid2 This cookie contains a unique, randomly generated value that allows the Platform to distinguish between browsers and devices. It is checked against information such as advertising interest segments and ad histories displayed on the browser. This information is used to select the ads to be delivered by the Platform, and to measure performance and attribute payment for those ads. Third party Google 3 months
_fbp Used by Facebook to deliver a range of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers Third party Google 3 months
AFFICHE_W This cookie contains your computer's identifier and is installed during your first visit to one of Weborama's websites. Third party: Weborama 3 months
optimizelyRumLB Controls the attributes of the AWSELB cookie Third party: optimizely 3 months
test_cookie The Google DoubleClick add-on can place this cookie on our website to verify that your browser accepts cookies The Google DoubleClick add-on aims to improve advertising Third party Google A few seconds
AWSELB It helps to increase the availability of the application and also reduces congestion. Third party: optimizely The cookie lasts for the duration of the session
OptimizelyPPID Cookie that is used to compare two versions of the same web page, improving the performance and usefulness of the websites. Third party: optimizely 2 years
optimizelyDomainTestCookie These Optimizely cookies allow us to test different versions of the Website pages with different users at the same time and to track how users navigate our Website. We use this information to test new features and make the website easier to use Third party: optimizely 6 months
optimizelyEndUserId Stores the unique identifier of an Optimizely visitor It's a combination of a time and a random number. No other information is stored. Third party: optimizely 6 months

Using our manager you can allow or block cookies. If you wish to delete your browsing history (including cookies) you can do so from the browser you are using, including third party cookies.

Below we have provided information for the major browsers, but if you are unsure consult your browser's help menu:

Microsoft edge:

Tools > Internet Options > privacy.

Or you can use the following link:

Mozilla Firefox:

Tools > Options > Privacy > Use customised configuration for history

Or you can use the following link:

Google Chrome:

Instructions here:


Instructions here:



Remember that certain functions may not be available if you disable cookies.

If you do not use one of the above browsers, consult the options offered by your browser.

Remember you may use your browser's incognito mode to avoid retaining browsing history and cookies.

Also, Google offers a plug-in for their Chrome browser to avoid the use of Google Analytics. You can download it from the following link:

The website also uses cookies on mobile devices. You can change the privacy options for your device through the following links which offer instructions on how to manage your preferences

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We use third party cookies to allow profiling to enable targeted advertising based on that profile. You can learn about this aspect in the third parties' policies (see the links provided in the section "Which types of cookies does this website use?").

Transfers to other countries

You can learn about transfers to other countries which, in turn, the third parties identified in this cookie policy may make, in their corresponding policies (see the links provided in the section "Which types of cookies does this website use?").

Other information on data protection

For further information about the processing of your personal data please consult our privacy policy:

Updates and changes to the Cookies Policy

Users will be informed when important changes are made to this Cookies Policy either by means of an information notice on the website, or by email for registered users. You can contact us at the following email address for more information on the use we make of cookies: